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Pearland finally arrives!
Spotlight Pet of the Month
Meet Daisy,

She's a stray that was found just roaming around...hungry and in the middle of the
hot summer sun.  We believe this pretty doll was dumped.
She's a sweet little girl, minds her manners and LOVES to be loved.  
Helen, her new mom who found her, swore that she just couldn't have another dog
Helen just suffered a devastating loss...
She just recently had to put her 13 year old dog to sleep due to him having serious
medical conditions.
BUT... Daisy had other plans and won Helen's heart when Daisy sat next to Helen
and placed her head on Helen's heart and looked up at her with those puppy dog
Limited Income
Helen is on a limited income and can't get around that well, but within the 6 months
Daisy had been with her, she was able to get all her shots and flea and heartworm
preventative care.
BUT... one day, Daisy started coughing. Badly.
So, Helen took her straight to the nearest vet where they confirmed...

The treatment for heartworms is very costly!  Helen was devastated! She fell in love
with this little girl and she couldn't afford the treatment which would save her life.

 There IS help within the community!
So, her grand daughter remembered seeing something in the Pearland Journal
about Pearland's only animal rescue:
Pet Hub Animal Rescue.
She had already contacted other organizations and vets, yet no one could help her.

  Pet Hub returned her email!!!!!
Pet Hub Animal Rescue will be paying for the treatment for Daisy which will be done
at SilverLake Animal Hospital (Dr. Stone)

     We will keep you updated on Daisy's Progress!
Would you like contribute to the costs of
the treatment?  Doing so would also
help us to help another resident in need.
You may contact SilverLake Animal
Hospital directly @ (713) 436-9400 and let
them know you'd like to donate towards
the Daisy Heartworm Treatment for Pet
Hub Animal Rescue.
You may also Donate Here and in the
comments section, put:
A HUGE thank you to Dr. Stone and the
wonderful people over at Silverlake
Animal Hospital who never cease to
step up to the plate to help out both
residents and their pets.