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Pet Hub Rescue is currently seeking
volunteers to foster cats and
occasionally dogs, help with adoption
events, and contribute in other
important ways.  Want to be a foster
home and enjoy the company of the
faces you see on these pages? Want
to participate in some other way? We
can use hard workers like you!
Send Checks to:
Pet Hub Animal Rescue
2800 E. Broadway
Suite C/PMB 422
Pearland, Tx 77581
Monetary Donations:
You can make a difference by
donating today.
Any amount will be of help.
Thank You!
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Donation Options
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for one-time donation
$50 and under
Provide food and basic support for animal
owners or other shelters that are short on
supplies for the animals that they care for.
$51 - $99
Provides heartworm or flea preventative for
two animals for 6 months or provide initial
$100 - $249
Spay or neuter  an animal which may
prevent 144 feral cats from being born in two
years or allow for 18 more spots available in
a shelter or a home for a dog
$250 - $499
Supports the Pets411 program which is a
free service to our community in order to
reunite lost animals with their owners via
mass media and advertisements.
$500 - $999
Rescue eight animals from a local shelter
and provide them with vaccinations and
foster care for three months or pay for
heartworm treatment for a dog.
Guardian Angel
Support initiatives by educating the
community and reducing the number of
animals euthanatized at local shelters
through SNAP (Spay Neuter Assistance
Program) and Outreach Programs in order
to diminish the burden of unwanted animals
on our local shelters, government and
Supply Donations

All the things you use to take
care of your pets,we also use
to take care of the rescued
Check our list to see if you
can help.
Some of our outstanding
young supporters have had
birthday parties to which
are asked to bring supplies for
the animals!

Make Your Donation Multiply – Matching Company Grants

Many companies support the philanthropic interests of their
employees by offering to match your gift either completely or by
some multiple or percentage of your donation.  Pet Hub Animal
Rescue is a 501c3 organization. Therefore all donations to the
rescue are fully tax deductible. Please contact the appropriate
representative at your place of work such as your Human Resources
department to find out if they match contributions to the Pet Hub
Animal Rescue. It can be an easy way to make your generosity go
even further in helping animals.
The Pet Hub Animal Rescue is a 501 (c)3 nonprofit corporation supported by contributions from people like you.  
Your donation will help us ensure that abandoned, stray and abused companion animals will find good homes.

Your donation also makes it possible to provide the rescue of dogs or cats of all ages from death-row from many
over-crowded animal shelters who just need some TLC until they are placed in their permanent home.

Donations sustain Pet Hub by providing food, vital veterinary care, boarding and support for our wonderful dogs
and cats throughout the year as well as help us continue our spay/neuter programs.

Your contribution is tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.
Pet Hub Rescue

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