About Pet Hub Animal Rescue

Our Mission is to rescue animals, provide temporary shelter, food, medical attention, and comfort to all
abandoned, neglected and injured animals brought to us by the community or rescued from euthanasia; to
restore lost animals to their owners or seek new homes for them, and to educate the public about the humane
care of animals with a goal of reducing overpopulation.

Pet Hub was first started as a neighborhood based organization many years ago.  During the years, it was
evident that there was a need in the city for a no-kill animal rescue.  Thus, Pearlands only non-profit, no-kill
animal rescue was formed.  We also work with local animal control/shelters, educate the community about the
benefits of TNR, Spaying/Neutering in reducing overpopulation.
Pet Hub is an all volunteer, non-profit organization.  We get no funds from the Government or the City so we rely
on donations from the community.  We do NOT have a physical location yet, we are working on saving to
purchase one.  Right now, we work through a foster system, so our ability to take in animals depends on
whether our fosters have room.

Most of our volunteers are very active in the community, we are very grateful for them and very proud of them!  
Our rescue is all about "Community".
Providing information on low cost spay/neuter
Hosts pet adoption days
Educating the public about the importance of
sterilizing companion animals
Educating the public of the benefit of Trap,
Neuter and Release (TNR) to stop
overpopulation of cats
Pet Hub Rescue

Non-Profit Animal
Rescue Located in

The only No Kill Animal
Rescue located in
Pearland finally arrives!
Pet Hub Animal Rescue is an adoption partners with PETSMART in
Pearland and with PETCO but do not currently hold adoptions there until
we are able to get more volunteers. Any organization/animals you see there
are NOT from Pearland's Pet Hub Animal Rescue.

Pet Hub rescues from Pearland Animal Control and all of Pearland
(whether it be found, relinquished or any other situation. We are very
community oriented)  When able, we do also rescue from the rest of
Brazoria County.