PETS 411
Lost &
Found Pets
This is a FREE service we offer the City of Pearland which has shown a 97% success/recovery
rate during our Pilot Program.

Please be sure to "register" your pets with us. Provide names, descriptions, chip # etc...
(anything that will help locate your pet)

Please provide your contact information including email address and your phone number.

How it works:

Using pet tags, microchips or even just the description of your pet, we will contact you instantly
when we find your pet. If we cannot identify the pet, a “FOUND PET” alert with a picture of the
pet will go to our extensive opt-in email list.  We will also list the pet on rescue websites under
both “Found Dogs/Cats” and the specific subdivision in which the animal was found.

•        Alleviate the stress of losing (or finding) a pet
•        Create a network within the community to help reunite pets with your owners
•        Reduce the burden on Animal Control Officers
•        Avoid needless euthanization of animals waiting to be adopted at Animal Control who
might be put down to make space for found pets
•        Avoid fines and fees!  When your pet accidently gets out, you don’t need to worry about
paying to get it back!  Pets 411 is a totally FREE service.
PETS 411 is one stop LOST/FOUND for all of Pearland. Additional free services include:
•        Placement of signs in the area the animal was lost or found
•        Daily visits to Animal Control to check for current lost/found animals.

Pearland Animal Control
Pearland, TX 77581
(281) 652-1970
Please check (in person) at
Animal Control the moment you
realize you lost your pet.