What's Next for Pearland?

Our pet ordinances have not been reviewed or updated to reflect our current
pet-friendly population in over a QUARTER OF A CENTURY.


The City has now appointed people to sit on the Animal Advisory Board which by
law, was supposed to have been meeting at least 3 times a year, which up until
recently, was not formed.

PROGRESS...yes!  However, please make sure YOUR voice is heard while they
review and update the ordinances, otherwise, they plan on keeping the majority
of them the same.

Some concerns we've heard throughout the community:

Our suggestion would be to keep in line with Brazoria County.
We are routinely annexing areas and are concerned that Animal Control picks up
roaming cats. Cats from a family that have been annexed into Pearland are
"grandfathered" and are still under their original ordinances, however just by
looking at a cat, can YOU tell if it is grandfathered or not? Yes... sounds strange,
doesn't it? (Our point exactly)

Pets at Large (Cat Leash Ordinance):
Too many pet cats are being trapped in traps and end up being killed....
Recently, one Pearland resident allowed a trapped cat to sit in a cage all day
with temperatures reaching over 100 degrees!  The cat was basically baked alive
and no one was held accountable for this action.
Using the "Cats have to be leashed" ordinance as a justification for trapping cats
is inexcusable.  How many residents have outdoor cats? QUITE A BIT! (Including
a previous City Council Member!)
However, there are those in the City that believe there are none.
We have an extremely high KILL RATE for cats at our Animal Control.


We need residents to speak up.  We appreciate all the emails and will continue
to address the complaints that come in concerning treatment of animals, but
please understand when it seems like just one entity is "complaining", sometimes
no one listens.  It's time to make YOUR voice heard!
Isn't it time to declare Pearland a "No-Kill" City?  Would you like to help get us
Contact your city council members and tell them:

  It's time Pearland becomes NO-KILL

**The Animal Control & Advisory Board are currently reviewing the animal
NOW is the time for you to get involved and let them know that a "Pet
Limit" should be representative of our residents and that residents ALREADY
HAVE "Outdoor Cats".

The cat leash ordinance needs to be removed.

This helps prevent needless killing of cats (at taxpayer expense) that are being
routinely picked up by animal control and those that are being trapped by
residents (some are "habitual trappers" trapping year round, even though the
contracts are a 3-day trap agreement, not allowed on weekends).
It took a quarter of a Century in order for our ordinances to be reviewed, if the
board hands these ordinances back to Council as a recommendation to approve,
it will be next to impossible to change anything after that point.

NEWS: League City passes ordinance requiring the holding of animals for 90
days (from 5 days!)
with language changed from "shall be euthanized" to "may be euthanized"..           
                       Pearland has a 72 hr "hold"
                Get a sample letter to the city council
Meet Skittles, our rescue kitty.
She was trapped by a neighbor who decided to get
rid of all cats in the neighborhood.  She was
euthanized that day she was brought into the
She had a micro-chip, had tags and was just
spayed and could clearly see the sutures on her
stomach. (She just had 4 kittens)
She was an indoor only cat that was carrier trained
(so she probably walked right into that trap
expecting to be brought back to her babies!). She
was the sweetest cat.
On that horrible July night at 11pm, she was
spooked by fireworks and ran out the door when it

You CAN make a difference... if YOU GET
    Plan to attend the Animal Shelter Advisory Board Meeting!

 Date: January 11th        Time: 5:30pm        Place: Pearland City Hall
                                                                           (1st floor Conference Room)
They are Reviewing/Updating Pet Ordinances and will present those to City
Council for approval. NOW is the time to speak up! It took a quarter of a century
for these to be reviewed, MAKE THIS COUNT!
At the last Animal Control Workshop the City held,
Animal Control presented their views and without
any statistics or data of any type, their conclusion
was "No Kill/Low Kill in Pearland can't be done"

That is NOT true! Many City's have already taken
the steps and are well on their way! Austin is now
over a 90% placement.  A shelter outside Beaumont
which used to be like Pearland, is now at ZERO
euthanasia of healthy animals.

"It can't be done" can no longer be used as an
excuse by shelters unwilling to do their job.
This should not happen anywhere:
Family's cat euthanized the day she's trapped...
read story
here from Click 2 Houston